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From the Press Release to Viral Videos – PR’s metamorphosis in a digital world.

Public Relations is, like a certain brand of popular Pocket Monsters, a very versatile beast, and one that is not afraid to change itself drastically from iteration to iteration. Go back 25 years and you'll see a very different PR... Continue Reading →


Retrospective – Digital Communications in a year.

Mastering Digital Communications Management isn't the easiest thing in the world, and having a complete understanding of its ins and outs in less than 12 months is beyond all except perhaps the most prodigious savants amongst us. Thankfully, as I... Continue Reading →

Review – Don’t get lost in the Mythos: Rich Leigh’s ‘Myths of PR’.

When I was approached with the opportunity to get my hands on a pre-release copy of Myths of PR, I was understandably excited. I'd been keeping an eye on Mr PR (-né Rich Leigh) ever since his name came up in a... Continue Reading →

Community Management – Building the REAL “Brand Family”.

For those of you not familiar with my extracurricular activities, it might come as a shock to some of you that, outside of my courses, I actually volunteer as a Community Manager. Yep. That's me there, with the green text... Continue Reading →

Social Media Guidelines – A lesson from my Dad.

Ever since we were children, my Father had a saying that he'd repeat anytime that my sister or myself said something that made us sound stupid. It's a saying that's lived with me for most of my life, and something... Continue Reading →

Review – From Ancient Markets to Global Networks: The Cluetrain Manifesto.

The Cluetrain Manifesto is often touted as "essential reading" for anyone interested in the internet, e-commerce and the digital marketplace. Attempting to simplify The Cluetrain Manifesto's complex deconstruction of the internet's rise to digital domination down to a five hundred word... Continue Reading →

Can I borrow a pint of reputation? – Search Engine Optimisation, simplified.

In my recent experience with talking to people outside of the Public Relations sphere, the term "Search Engine Optimisation" (or "SEO") is generally considered to be some boring thing that nerds do in their basements to ensure that they get... Continue Reading →

Social media & your Digital Reputation – From Politics to Potter… to PR.

I was told last week that the traditional "first 90 seconds" are no longer relevant. The world is now all about digital first impressions, and that growing and maintaining a reputation online is now almost as important as wearing a... Continue Reading →

How to engage millennials – No ball pits required.

It's almost become a cliche, hasn't it? The ultimate "millennial" work-space has to include a playpen, arcade, hipster coffee bar... you name it. Big names like Google splashing the cash on making work seem like play. At the risk of... Continue Reading →

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